Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Baking and Vintage Embroidery

My younger kid is on the mend, and I think the older one is catching the nasty cold.... again. There are so many different kinds of cold viruses out there that can make you sick back to back or with very little break in between, totally what has happened in our household. What's a mom to do to remain calm and carry on while nursing sick kiddos, keeping things clean, and in between cooking pots of chicken soup? My to go activities are: baking, stitching while listening to upbuilding mp3s or broadcasts, cat naps, reading, and browsing online for handicraft ideas, patterns, or new dinner/dessert recipes.
Found this recipe above by The Cafe Sucre Farine (on Pinterest). So easy, mixed by hand! Made a few modifications, and gave it a go. Really good with hot tea! Modifications: used whole milk vanilla yogurt, reduced granulated sugar to 3/4 cup, substituted one whole egg for 3 tbsp. egg whites. Baked in 12 cupcake cups for 23 minutes, and omitted the icing.

There are so many cute vintage embroidery patterns out there! Here are some I've been keeping on my "To Stitch" list for future embroidery projects. Above is one of my favorites! I'm actually saving a lightly cracked porcelain tea pot in order to use it for displaying a potted plant. Will like to stitch this pattern on a tea towel... for the teapot will use a cobalt blue, not sure yet about the flower plant (look like begonias?).  
These in public domain, out of print, vintage patterns below were kindly shared by Maria on Flickr, if you would like to stitch one or all, please visit her Flickr to get the patterns. The link below the picture should take you there.
Shared by Maria on Flickr
Days Of the Week (DOW) embroidery patterns were very popular...  there are lots of them out there! These seem to be very appropriate, the chores/activities remind me of vegetable and flower gardens that are currently being planned in areas like here, were winter will be making an exit in few weeks (hopefully!).
Will you be stitching one of these patterns above? Oh please share if you do! Will love to see it! Enjoy!
Off I go to heat up yesterday's left overs for dinner, and to snack on some tea and cake ;-). Till later!

Friday, February 2, 2018

Winter Kitchen Towels

Couple of weeks ago I mentioned putting up the decorative winter towels,... and here they are!

Gray reminds me of snow days... how outcast the skies look before snowing.

This blue hue reminds me of winter too. Of course, that cute little birdie was the cherry on top! Perhaps the embroiderer could have used a smaller stem stitch and one less strand of floss to stitch the bird, in order to give it a cleaner look, just my opinion ;-). 

I used to have camellia bushes on my previous home, the flower vine on the towel remind me of them. May have to replace the bushes in the front of this home, not fond of the ones that the landscapers planted there. Flowers are so beautiful, so cheery for cold winter days. The crocheted edging is lovely too!

Curious, what do you do to keep things cozy and cheery in your home during winter? 
Next time I'll be sharing some springy embroidery patterns that you might enjoy! Until then!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Dreaming of Spring

Cold rainy days are not good for autoinflammatory illnesses. Despite the achey stiff joints... so thankfully I managed to get laundry done, just a couple of loads that were pending. Dinner is done too; Savory Herb Chicken with carrots, potatoes (in the electric multi-cooker pot done in less than 20 minutes) also added broccoli and a side of  rice. 
 Cold rainy weather is perfect for stews, and hearty soups... but I'm so looking forward to warmer weather and all the pretty blooms in spring! In the meantime I leave you with some eye candy from one of my Japanese embroidery books in my collection. My apologies if already posted about it... can't remember.
 This book is by Kazuko Aoki. Her specialty is on the embroidery of plants you may find in a flower or vegetable garden. This particular book is all about flowers, embroidered using common stitches.
 Perhaps in the future I'll post other tiny peeks of some of the other books in my collection by Kazuko Aoki. In fact there have been some already translated to English, I got one from Amazon, if you do a search you'll be able to preview it. It is entitled The Embroidered Garden... on one of my old posts (here) there is a peek of it.
 As I've mentioned in the past, I love Japanese embroidery books! A basic knowledge of embroidery is all you need in order to understand the well illustrated diagrams/pictures. The art of needlework transcends multi-cultural, international barriers!
Well, I better get dinner on the table! Until next time!

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Snow Days (Updated)

Believe it or not, this little guy was the only progress I was able to make this weekend (so far).

We ended up getting 7 inches of snow. There was a lot going on here (2 sick kids), wasn't able to stitch as much.

Although snowed in, which normally will make you crave hot beverages, I was craving a virgin piña colada. Didn't have cream of coconut in my pantry (not the same as coconut milk), so I improvised. Threw in the blender some: crushed ice, pineapple juice, 2 bananas, a bit of agave nectar, and a delicious banana colada was the result! Enough for 4 generous servings.

What is your favorite beverage? 

Anyhow,  need to go and finish the laundry today instead of waiting for Monday... yippee, so exciting... :-/ Not! Vacuuming done, thankfully. More homeschool work to scan and upload tonight. Powder room done, bathrooms tomorrow. Sorry to be discouraging, but there are days that I'm full of energy and all up for it. Then I have days that I'm just dragging around, but still need to get things done.  If not I start seeing tumbleweeds instead of dust bunnies. Today was a draggy day, throw sick kids on top of that and... you know what I mean.

The positive of it is, if I'm done with all of it between today & tomorrow I'll have a less chore-y Monday!  
Will take a break from posting for some time. Enjoy what is left of the weekend and may the weeks ahead prove to be great for you!

PS: The goodies I ordered arrived today (delayed USPS delivery do to the storm), here's a peek:

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A Couple of Vintage Embroidery Designs

Thank you for the sweet comments on previous post!
Stopping briefly to share a couple of vintage embroidery designs from my collection.  I'm still learning the photo editing application on my cellphone, so hopefully these are clear enough for you to save, print, and stitch. Enjoy!
Use your favorite method for transferring it to your fabric and have some therapeutic down time with needle and thread! 

We might be snowed in for a day or two, besides catching up with uploading homeschool work and house chores, I might stitch a bit. Don't think I'll start one of these cuties, most likely will continue working on one of my current embroidery projects.

OH... before I forget! There is a clearance sale at Colonial Patterns (makers/distributors of Aunt Martha's embroidery transfers I talked about on previous post), and sadly somethings will not be offered any longer (like the pre-printed quilt tops). I'm not affiliated with the company, but a happy customer and needlework enthusiast giving a heads up on a good sale in case you will like to check it out! Must admit I already placed an order ;-). I'm a bit disappointed that once the quilt tops are gone they will not be offered any longer, so naturally I ordered two among other goodies... before they are all gone.
Well, I think this post turned out a bit longer than expected... until next time!

Friday, January 12, 2018

Back On The Saddle... Sort Of

While listening to upbuilding material I felt the desire to pick back up one of my projects that's been on stand by for some time.
Start of it posted here, and these are the designs I've stitched on it so far:
(above: out of print vintage, Puppy Fashion Show no.3262)
(above: Busy Bee no.3681 and below: Dottie the Duck no.3400... both still in print)
So those three designs are the ones already embroidered on my quilt top... by the way, I really love the pre-printed blocks on this quilt top. Thinking of using those pre-printed dotted lines as hand quilting pattern guide once the quilt top is done, most likely using perle cotton no. 8 or 5. Here is a link and picture of it in case some of you may want to check it out (non-affiliated link).  
I'm also trying to keep my selection of designs to be embroidered from my Aunt Martha's transfer collection. Easy going, no deadline, no stress stitching.
This last design is a vintage one, re-printed and found in the Aunt Martha's Vault section of their website (patterns in that section come without the envelope).
(above: Donny the Donkey no.3876)
I think this cute donkey is mesmerized by the singing of his tiny friend! My plan is to embroider every other block, and then appliqué squares of fabric from my stash on the rest of the blocks. I'll end up with a cheery lap top that will bring to mind fond memories.
Until later! Have a nice weekend!

Friday, December 29, 2017

Fall Towels Down

Briefly stopping by to update the blog before the end of this year. 
Haven't touch needle and thread since my previous post. Its been quite challenging these past few weeks, and I haven't felt motivated for any type of crafting. So thankful for the comfort & hope (Acts 24:15; Psalm 37:29,34; Revelation 21:3,4) from the Scriptures and the concern & love from family and friends that keep me going thru trialsome times!

Well, back to today's post... these were the Fall towels I had on display in the kitchen. Two of the few acquired as housewarming presents when we moved to our new home.
We do not celebrate traditional/popular holidays in our household. Our decorations are seasonal or year round, so these ones were out throughout autumn. 

I think the embroideries and colors in both of these towels match perfectly the fall months.

Today these were put away, and out came the ones that will be displayed throughout winter. Will post those later on.
Hoping everyone is doing well, keeping cozy and warm (as we are trying.. so cold here!), or cool and hydrated (for those of you in the hot months or warm weather)! I also hope that at some point during this winter my desire for needlework will return.
Until next time!

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