Monday, June 16, 2014

Vintage Dresser Scarves?

Or are these table runners? I'm not very good identifying this type of vintage linen.
These became mine a few years ago from a consignment store (not sure if that's the correct name for this type of shop). Beautiful stitches plus I love birds and flowers, there was no way I was leaving them behind! 
For some reason I get the feeling that the person who embroidered these only used  two skeins of thread; a variegated blue one, a green one and then meticulously planned how to stitched with the variegated one. What do you think? 
For example, look at this two birds below.
This is where, to me, the used of a variegated blue becomes very noticeable since the birds are the larger individual motifs, more thread was used to stitched them which in turn lets the variegated effect show. Now, on the flowers it may seem as if the embroiderer/embroideress used a variety of blue threads, however I'm leaning more towards the idea that she/he was just smart and resourceful using the same variegated blue that was used for the birds.
This possibility ignited in me the desire of trying it myself sometime in the near future. Can you imagine this same technique in your favorite variegated thread color? I for sure do!
Aren't those tiny stem stitches perfect? The person who hand embroidered these dresser scarves/table runners did a lovely job! I personally think so. 
Maybe you will like to add this pattern to your collection, here is a tracing I made from the original. Enjoy!


  1. I've always known them as dresser scarves; maybe dressers aren't as popular today as in the past. Anyway, these are beautifully done. Hope you'll drop by my blog and see the dishtowels for June.

    1. Thanks for your input! Your towels are lovely!


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