Sunday, June 4, 2017

Summer Cold :-(

Yes, I'm welcoming summer with a cold... how very fun... Not!
Hopefully you are all doing well! Didn't finish the Baking Poodle towel on previous post, so here is an old picture of a finished project. 

This kitchen towel embroidered with a rooster from a Stitcher's Revolution Iron-On Embroidery pattern SR23 Folksy Farm. I blogged about this project back in October 2016 on this post. Thinking in making myself a whole juice (smoothie with no milk or added sugar), don't have any oranges or tangerines handy, but everything else is either in the fruit basket or in the freezer ;-). Yes, indeed, heading to the kitchen now!
May you all have a great week ahead! Till later!


  1. Oh no! Summer colds always seem worse than winter ones! Hope you'll feel better tomorrow.

  2. The fruit and veg in your photo will make a very healthy Smoothie. That looks like a very happy singing Rooster. I hope your cold doesn't last long

  3. Hope your recovery is swift so you can enjoy your summer. Love the rooster!

  4. Love the rooster . . . vintage embroidery patterns are the best and you do such nice work :) Thanks so much for following my blog, I truly appreciate it and love making new blogging friends.
    Have a sweet day.
    Connie :)


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